A Look at Mark Wahl’s GRE Prep Course Flow

GRE Prep Course Sessions 1 and 2:

  • In depth, “under the hood” introduction to the revised test and new question formats as the computer sees them
  • How to intelligently set and frame your GRE study and score goals
  • Understanding and demonstrating how both sides of the brain need activation
  • Overall point-gaining testing strategies
  • Mark’s short list of potent study resources that can, post-course, continue enhancing and deepening skills, strategies and techniques.
  • Ways of changing self-destructive test attitudes
  • How to choose and quickly obtain the most effective individualized study and testing printed resources as well as online testing and practice resources.
  • A strong introduction to the psychology, critical vocabulary and strategies of the math section.

GRE Prep Course Sessions 3, 4, and part of 5:

  • A “full deck” of effective, widely applicable strategies in many math areas, like pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, Venn diagrams, and statistics for the new question formats of the GRE math section. Gain more accuracy and save time by using good strategy on math questions!

GRE Prep Course Sessions 5 (part), 6, and 7

  • Powerful ways to crack the several new verbal question formats are given in a systematic way with in-depth discussion and interactive development of key strategies to defeat the verbal tricks of the test maker. The two analytic writing tasks are analyzed from a variety of angles, and examples are considered in depth as writing coaching for the most effective treatment of arguments is given.
  • Further test attitude work and study guidelines are also provided.